August 30, 2012

Welcome to Week 3! The shopping items this week are similar to Week 1, but remember that you should have at least 3 days of supplies for each person, and we are only shopping for a day of supplies for most items at one time.

Task 1: Add extra pet food and baby supplies to your shopping calendar.  

Task 2: Locate your gas, electric, and water shut-offs. If you don't know how to shut off your utilities, contact your local utility provider.

This Week's Shopping List:

  • 1 gallon of water per person in your household
  • 1 protein item per person in your household*
  • 1 can of fruit per person in your household**
  • Sanitary napkins 
  • Adult and child vitamins
  • 1 box of quick energy snacks***

Considerations: Sanitary napkins, or "pads", are a necessary feminine item, but they can also be used as first aid bandages for larger wounds.  

*Suggested protein: canned foods including tuna, chicken, ravioli, beef stew, Spam, corned beef, beans (kidney, pinto, etc); peanut butter, split peas, dried beans (kidney, pinto, etc), nuts

**Suggested fruits: canned fruits including pears, peaches, mandarin oranges, applesauce, mixed fruit; dried fruits

***Suggested quick energy snacks: granola bars, trail mix, raising, dried fruit, power bars, nuts