Charter Review Committee

The Multnomah County Home Rule Charter provides that every six years, a Charter Review Committee will be convened for the purpose of making a comprehensive study of the Charter and, if it chooses, to submit Charter amendments to the voters of Multnomah County. The charter is the local version of a constitution, essentially creating the structure of Multnomah County government.

The Committee is charged with a study of the Charter by all appropriate means including open hearings and meetings, the taking of testimony and interviews. The Committee will present a report to the people and the Board of County Commissioners that includes their findings, conclusions, and recommendations including any amendments the Committee proposes to the Charter. All amendments proposed by the Committee will be submitted to the voters of Multnomah County at the 2022 primary or general election.

The Multnomah County Charter Review Committee is comprised of electors selected by the state senators and representatives of their senatorial districts. Its meetings are open to the public.​ The next Charter Review Committee will begin meeting in September 2021. Multnomah County's Office of Community Involvement will begin accepting application for electors in January 2021.

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