Chair Deborah Kafoury Statement on Attorney Jeff Sessions restricting asylum access for victims of violence

June 11, 2018

At Multnomah County, we work every day to prevent and stop domestic and sexual violence. In immigrant/refugee populations, we often see that when the victim tries to leave an abusive situation, the abuser uses the fear of deportation and separation from children as a tool to control victims and keep them in abusive situations. Asylum is an important legal protection for these survivors of extreme violence.

So, I am appalled by today’s announcement by Attorney General Jeff Sessions closing off this escape route. This Trump Administration is enabling domestic abusers on a global scale.

Singling out DV survivors sends a message that women should not seek help, that they have no option but to stay in abusive situations. Survivors are already at a disadvantage and are at risk of being sex trafficked by abusive partners.
I stand with those who comfort and protect people fleeing gender violence. And we at Multnomah County won’t stop working to end cycles of violence that devastate children and communities.