How county clinics inspired me to become a medical assistant

August 24, 2017

Fabiola Arreola receives care at Multnomah County.
Fabiola Arreola said her care at Multnomah County Health Centers was supportive and caring.

My name is Fabiola Arreola and I am a patient of the Multnomah County Health Center. Since my first medical visit to what was then-the-Westside clinic in downtown Portland, I have received excellent service from the doctor and staff. During this time, my family and I were going through a very difficult situation. My doctor helped me find the adequate treatment and resources for my family.

In that moment became my urgency to become a medical assistant. Every time I reached out for medical help, I felt like I was treated like family. The doctor and her assistant worried not only but my health status, but also about other aspects of my life. When I was informed the clinic I attended would be closed, I felt very sad, thinking that I would lose part of my family and that I would once again be alone and starting again to seek the help I needed.