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About Budget Advisory Committees

Citizen Budget Advisory Committees (CBACs) are groups of community members that review and make recommendations on county departmental budgets and operations. 

CBAC recommendations have ranged from targeting services to special-needs populations to allocating funding to retain County properties' value. Although not all CBAC recommendations are adopted, committee members' input improves how the county uses revenue and delivers services to residents and in recent years about 75% of CBAC recommendations were adopted.

There are nine CBACs, one for each Multnomah County department. The requirements for CBAC membership are:

  • that you live in Multnomah County;
  • that you have an interest in the programs and budget process of the County;
  • that you are available to attend meetings and participate in deliberations (most CBACs meet monthly, with more meetings during budget season).

Prospective CBAC members can start by filling out an interest form or contacting the Office of Community Involvement at 503-988-3450. Fill out the interest form nowThe county makes every effort to ensure that the CBACs' membership reflects the County’s diversity, including diversity of place of residence. Appointments to the CBACs are for three years, and members may serve for six consecutive years.

Take a look at the CBAC Handbook 2016 - 5th Edition (4.25 MB)

Central Budget Advisory Committee

The Central Budget Advisory Committee (CCBAC) directs, coordinates, and provides oversight of the CBAC process. The CCBAC is made up of one member from each CBAC.

"Participation in this public service provides...members with a greater understanding of local government and the satisfaction of being involved and of making a difference." - former CCBAC Chair Brad McLean.

CBAC Recommendations

Fiscal Year 2018

CBACs Speak contains all of the recommendations made by the County Budget Advisory Committees

Fiscal Year 2017

CBACs Speak contains all of the recommendations made by the County Budget Advisory Committees.

 CBACs Speak FY 2017 (12.84 MB)

Fiscal Year 2015-16

Fiscal Year 2014-15

Previous Years