November 5, 2014

2014 NW Public Emplyees Diver Conference wksp_12014 NW Public Emplyees Diver Conference wksp_2Nearly 130 public employees from governments throughout Oregon and southern Washington attended our workshop on October 14. Presenters Jenn Burleton, Executive Director of TransActive Gender Center; Lee Po Cha, Director of the Asian Family Center; and Robb Wolfson, Multnomah County Citizen Involvement Coordinator described their strategies for doing equitable outreach and engagement. Their tips were pertinent to outreach and engagement with the broader public, as well as the transgender and Asian/Pacific Islander populations. See the PowerPoint and the list of their valuable engagement tips (194.18 KB).


Special thanks to CIC members Gary Marschke and Brian Harvey who worked emceed the workshop.

Learn more about the CIC's Diversity Outreach Workshop Initiative and read tips for successful outreach presented at earlier workshops.