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Businesses in Oregon have the ability to become certified as a Certified B Corporation, a certification that proves that your business is dedicated to using its unique business position to help solve social and environmental problems.  ANY type of business can be certified if they qualify for this important and significant designation. To find out more about the qualification process, visit B Lab, the non-profit behind the certification, to take the challenge.

Become a trusted environmental steward and show your leadership among your vendor community!  Currently there are over 500 Certified B Corps across the U.S., U.K., and Canada with Oregon being home to 28.  As of 2012, Oregon companies cannot register as a structured "Benefit Corporation" which is a new legal designation for businesses.  There are seven states that have adopted legislation to allow this new structure: New York, California, Hawaii, Maryland, New Jersey, Vermont, and Virginia and many more, including Oregon, that have will be considering it.  Please see the below information to learn more about Certified B Corps and Benefit Corps. 

B Corporations and Certified B Corps address Two Critical Problems:

  1. Current corporate law makes it difficult for businesses to take employee, community and environmental interests into consideration when making decisions.
  2. The lack of transparent standards makes it difficult to tell the difference between a ‘good company’ and just good marketing.


Understanding a B Corps vs. Certified B Corps (176 KB)