FY2016 Central Purchasing demonstrated leadership in the pursuit of safer products in public procurement by continuing to foster a workplace that seeks an open systematic approach to eliminating toxic substances in our internal guidance and training, solicitations, and vendor outreach.

Globally everyone is a stakeholder in public purchasing for our County funds purchasing safer products supports:

  • Marketplace transparency by providing the public more information on chemicals;
  • The adoption of a common and consistent format for chemical disclosure that will help save other entities time and money;
  • The creation of safer environments for citizens and the public employees based on the avoidance of hazardous chemicals and materials in our workplace.

Central Purchasing was gratefully thanked for their collaborative efforts safer products in public procurement by being the recipient of the Oregon Environmental Council’s first annual “Healthy Purchasing Champion” award. We acknowledge are not doing this work alone and many other local governments completed an impressive scope of work in the arena of safer products, but we were recognized for our internal collaboration and empowering implementation throughout our organization.