Multnomah County Prequalification Program

Purchasing oversees its own prequalification program for General Contractors interested in doing business with Multnomah County. The goal of the program is to ensure that contractors are responsible in their business practices by determining the project level that the contractor would be eligible to compete for based upon their resources (e.g., working capital and equipment), expertise, experience, integrity, and necessary licenses and insurance.

Specific program information: 

  • There is NO FEE to apply.
  • Completed applications are due 10 days prior to bid due date.
  • Approved applications are valid for a one year period.
  • Contractor is responsible to submit renewal applications annually.
  • Send completed prequalification applications to:

For Facilities Related Projects:

Contractors PREQUALIFICATION Application Instructions  Prequalification Application - Multco (219.5 KB)

Prequalification Application - Multco (219.5 KB)

For Local Transportation Related Projects:

State of Oregon ODOT form AND Multnomah County Supplemental Transportation Prequalification Application Prequalification Application - Multco (supplemental to ODOT) (110 KB)

For Federally Funded ODOT Transportation Projects:

Submit ODOT Prequalification Application and ODOT Approval Letter to the above email address.


Additional Public Works Programs and Requirements

Good Faith Efforts program applies to projects estimated at $100,000 or more.
Workforce Training & Hiring program applies to projects estimated at $200,000 or more.

BOLI Prevailing Wages

Most construction projects require compliance with BOLI rules for payment of prevailing wage rates.