The Contract Risk Manual at this site is designed to guide a Department through Risk Identification and Risk Management. The manual does not prescribe specific remedies; due to sometimes significantly different situations the solutions are as diverse as the issues.

In order to achieve the maximum benefit, Multnomah County’s Contract Risk Management System looks at the entire contract life-cycle and begins in the planning stage. We also believe we need to provide a close and collaborative working relationship with Vendors. We gather information from them and use that information to identify needs and work with them to overcome issues.

A list of potential high risk issues has been collected from other municipalities, states, NIGP, and in-house surveys. That list has been reduced to those that we believe to have the most impact if they are realized. The information gathered from the previous forms are evaluated against this list as well as the likelihood, impact, and control the County has over the issue, and determination is made if the contract risk is high.

If the contract risk is deemed to be high, we provide a structure for risk management planning by asking what, where, why, when, and how the risk identified in step three will be managed. This is completed prior to contract negotiation. In training Risk Management is explained and various methods are explored, from formal contract language to vendor monitoring.