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Good Government Hotline 2015 Summary Report (152.05 KB)

Available to the public and to Multnomah County employees

The Multnomah County Auditor, Board of County Commissioners, District Attorney, Sheriff, and County management are committed to the highest standards of ethical and legal behavior and to the stewardship of taxpayer resources.

The Auditor's Good Government Hotline was established to provide Multnomah County employees and the public at large with a method of reporting concerns about suspected fraud, abuse of position, and misuse of county resources. 

In collaboration with the Office of Diversity and Equity, the Hotline also provides a means for Multnomah County employees to report complaints of workplace discrimination or harassment.

The Hotline is not a place to report emergencies. If you need to report an immediate threat to health or safety, please call 911.

The Hotline is also typically not an appropriate venue for complaints about personnel or workplace environment issues. These should be addressed first through procedures established by county departments or through departmental or Central Human Resources. A list of other reporting resources appears at the bottom of this page.

The Auditor's Good Government Hotline allows you to make reports through a web-based reporting system or by speaking to a trained professional over the phone. The Auditor's Office, in collaboration with the Office of Diversity and Equity (ODE), selected EthicsPoint to provide employees and the public with these important reporting options.

The information provided to the Good Government Hotline can be sent to the Auditor's Office or ODE on a confidential basis.  Reports can be made anonymously if you choose.

Once you have submitted a report, information will be given to you about how to check on the status of the report, even if you have chosen to be anonymous, see responses from our office, pose additional questions, or answer questions we have asked. Please check back regularly. We often need additional information before we can proceed with a review of a complaint.


The Good Government Hotline aims to maintain the confidentiality of reports, including the identity of the reporter, to the extent legally possible.  In order to ensure confidentiality, you must request that your report be held confidential before you provide details about your concerns. 

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