SUN Youth Advocacy Program (SYA) fosters youth development and academic achievement by providing a variety of year-round, school-linked, age-appropriate supports to children and youth who are at risk of academic failure and dropping out of school. SYA contractors engage parents and family members of SYA participants to the greatest extent possible to support the participant’s success.  

SYA services are intended primarily to serve middle and high school-age students who are experiencing racial discrimination and structural barriers and who are traditionally underserved.  Services are delivered at community and school sites to youth attending regular and/or alternative schools.  

SYA serve various populations of youth throughout Multnomah County, including six culturally specific communities of youth and their families: African American, African Immigrant, Asian Pacific Islander, Latino, Native American and Slavic.

Key services include

  • Assertive Engagement advocacy and support activities 
  • Out-of-school time supports
  • Service brokering and connection
  • Whole family support and family engagement

SUN Youth Advocacy staff work with SUN Community Schools (SUN CS) programs and other school personnel to augment school-based services.

For more information contact:

Frances Hall