SAIL is an interactive tool that allows users to access survey information and tax assessor’s maps in Multnomah County.  Information is searchable by address, tax lot number, plat name, survey number, and several other methods.

There are two versions of SAIL.  The standard version (see link above), and the Silverlight version.  The standard version works on laptop and personal computers as well as on smart phones and tablets and is compatible with virtually any web browser.  We recommend that users try the standard version as their first option.

The silverlight version (see link below) requires Microsoft’s Silverlight Viewer to operate.  Many web browsers no longer support Silverlight Viewer, and Silverlight does not function on mobile devices or Mac computers.  Internet Explorer and Firefox web browsers currently support Silverlight Viewer.


Please direct questions or comments regarding either version of SAIL by email to survey.records@multco.us or by phone to 503-988-3600.