Jennifer McGuirk is the Multnomah County Auditor.

Hi, I’m Jennifer McGuirk, Multnomah County’s elected Auditor. I started my four-year term in January 2019 and am accountable directly to the public. I ran on a platform advocating for a strong audit function at the county that includes:

  • An ongoing focus on ensuring accountable, transparent government

  • A prioritization of auditing programs that directly impact people’s health and safety

  • Incorporating equity and including the voices of underserved populations as a consistent practice in our work

The county has had an auditor since 1854. My staff and I are dedicated to our office’s mission: to ensure that Multnomah County government is efficient, effective, equitable, transparent, and fully accountable to all who live in our county. 

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The Auditor’s job is to find out how well county government is working and recommend how it could be better.

County Charter states that the “Auditor shall conduct performance audits of all county operations and financial affairs and make reports thereof to the Board of County Commissioners according to generally accepted government auditing standards.” To meet these standards, our office must:

  • Place priority on our responsibilities to serve the public interest. We act in integrity and adhere to high ethical standards. 

  • Approach our work through an objective, fact-based, nonpartisan, and non-ideological lens. This means we are not biased toward a particular outcome in any audit. We follow the interviews, the research, the onsite observations, and the data. We follow the facts to their logical conclusion.

  • Protect and conserve the government resources entrusted to us.

  • Maintain impartiality to ensure that reasonable people can trust our opinions, findings, conclusions, judgments, and recommendations.

  • Maintain structural independence. Our independence means that we answer to people who live in the county rather than to elected officials. We do not work for or have a reporting line to the County Chair, County Sheriff, or County District Attorney, but we strive to maintain close working relationships with these and other county leaders. 

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