Office Address
501 S.E. Hawthorne Blvd., Suite 531
Portland, OR 97214-3501
Interoffice mail address: 503/531

Christian Elkin
Budget Director
503 988-7689

Budget Office Staff

Budget Office Staff Directory (110.91 KB)

Althea Gregory
Senior Budget Analyst
District Attorney's Office, Joint Office of Homeless Services
503 988-7987

Ching Hay
Senior Budget Analyst
Department of County Assets, Department of County Management
503 988-7988

Dianna Kaady
Administrative Analyst
Administrative Services, Public Notices and Special Projects
503 988-7967

​Ashlye Manning
Principal Budget Analyst
Sheriff's Office, Questica Administrator
503 988-8283
Jeff Renfro
Library, Economic and Revenue Forecasting
503 988-9788

​Jennifer Williams
Senior Budget Analyst
Department of County Human Services, Questica Back-up
503 988-0583

Chris Yager
Senior Budget Analyst
Department of Community Justice, Department of Community Services
503 988-7581

Trista Zugel-Bensel
Senior Budget Analyst
Health Department, Non-Departmental
503 988-7951