We are in the Feasibility Study Phase

The feasibility study currently underway will result in a select set of options for an earthquake resilient Burnside Bridge that will be further studied in an environmental impact statement. Identifying, designing, and constructing the best options will take some time so we need to get started now. We will discuss proposed options with residents, business owners and community organizations to make sure that we find the best solution for everyone.

Project Phasing

Phases of Earthquake Ready Burnside Bridge Project

Upcoming Construction on the Bridge

The maintenance work underway on the Burnside Bridge completes needed repairs so that the bridge will continue to serve as a safe and reliable river crossing until there is an earthquake ready river crossing in place.

Willamette River Crossing Options

The Feasibility Study phase of the project is examining a comprehensive set of earthquake resilient crossing options. During the study, these crossing options will be narrowed by evaluating them against technical, environmental, social and other considerations. This process will result in a range of feasible crossing options for consideration during the next project phase, which will include an environmental impact statement.

The project team has developed a comprehensive list of crossing options that are being considered during this study. These crossing options include five alternative groupings:

Groupings of alternatives that are part of the feasibility study

These crossing options have been reviewed by the Senior Agency Staff Group, Stakeholder Representative Group, and Policy Group. The project team has also presented these crossing options at stakeholder and community briefings. The project team has screened the options against project criteria and shared the results at the July and August 2017 project committee meetings. The team is currently evaluating the remaining Replacement and Hybrid alternatives based on criteria that reflect community needs and values.

You can view the presentations to our committees to learn more about the alternatives, the screening criteria and screening process in our project library.