​We need you to weigh in!

There are many voices in our community and numerous considerations to take into account. Community-wide participation is vital so that our solution reflects our shared values and serves the needs of us all.

The project includes many public involvement opportunities to ensure that the final outcome is informed by the needs and issues important to the public. 

Environmental Review

There will be many ways to be involved throughout the environmental review process. Three of the most important steps for the NEPA process are scoping, review of the Draft EIS and selection of a preferred alternative.

We are currently early in the scoping stage. We are seeking input on what to include in the EIS and how to include it.

Visit our online open house between Sept. 3 and Oct. 4 to share your thoughts on:

  • The four bridge alternatives
  • The evaluation criteria that will help determine a preferred bridge alternative
  • How the travel lane widths on the bridge might better serve people using the bridge
  • Options for traffic management during construction

Some of the most helpful things you can comment on (or ask about) are:

Purpose and need for the project:
Provide your thoughts on the draft Purpose and Need statement.

Alternatives to consider:
Four alternatives are recommended for continued study. Should any of these be dropped? Should some be added? If so, let us know what should be changed and why.

Issues, resources or impacts to consider:
What resources or issues should we consider in our study of the impacts and benefits of different alternatives? Are there certain analytical methods we should consider? View a list of the environmental study topics here. 

Involvement methods:
How would you like to be informed and engaged during the process? Are there groups that we should be sure to talk with?

Measures to avoid, minimize or mitigate impacts:
Do you have any suggestions for ways to reduce negative and increase beneficial environmental, community or other impacts?

Contact us to sign up for news updates, ask us a question or tell us what you think.

  • Join us at an upcoming public check in or open house, or participate in online surveys.
  • Invite the project team to present to your community or business group.
  • Follow the project on Twitter @MultCoBridges​, #ReadyBurnside.