​We need you to weigh in!

There are many voices in our community and numerous considerations to take into account. Community-wide participation is vital so that our solution reflects our shared values and serves the needs of us all.

The project includes many public involvement opportunities to ensure that the final feasibility study is informed by the needs and issues important to the public. 

Outreach schedule for Earthquake Ready Burnside Bridge project

Project Committees

The project includes three stakeholder committees. Project stakeholder committees provide input to the project team as they work through the process of narrowing a comprehensive list of Willamette River crossings concepts to a short list of alternatives to be advanced to a future National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) study. Learn more.

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  • Join us at an upcoming public check in or open house, or participate in online surveys.
  • Invite the project team to present to your community or business group.
  • Attend a project Stakeholder Representative Group or Policy Group meeting and provide public comment.
  • Follow the project on Twitter @MultCoBridges​, #ReadyBurnside.