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FAX: (503) 988-3009 


Interpreting labor contracts, rules, policies; collective bargaining, negotiating memoranda; resolving grievances at step three; consultation, coaching, and resources for managers and supervisors; reviewing discipline and grievance responses; responding to Union requests; coordinating Countywide layoffs; reviewing KSA requests; administering drug & alcohol policy; managing unemployment claims. 

Who to call in Labor and Employee Relations


Steve Herron, LR Director– x84333, steve.herron@multco.us

Contract Maintenance: Local 88 AFSCME, AFL-CIO

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Deputy HR Director
  • LR/ER Director
  • LR/ER Strategic Planning
  • Local 88 committees
  • Budget

Cessa Diaz; LR Manager – Workday ERP Project through June 2018; cessa.diaz@multco.us

Chris Robasky; LR Manager - ext 87606, chris.robasky@multco.us

Department Portfolio:

  • Department of County Human Services
  • Department of County Assets
  • Department of County Management
  • Non-Departmental 

Additional Responsibilities:

  • AFSCME Local 88 Successor Bargaining (2nd Chair)
  • Oregon Nurses Association Successor Bargaining (2nd Chair)
  • Layoff committee

James Opoka; LR Manager – x87605,james.j.opoka@multco.us

Department Portfolio:

  • Health Department

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Prosecuting Attorneys Association Successor Bargaining (2nd Chair)
  • Oregon Nurses Association Successor Bargaining (1st Chair)
  • Personnel Rules
  • Drug & Alcohol Policy Administration
  • Merit Council
  • Emergency Management Liaison

Jeff Heinrich; LR Manager – x87695, jeff.heinrich@multco.us

Department Portfolio:

  • Department of Community Justice
  • District Attorney's Office

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Juvenile Custody Services Specialists Successor Bargaining (1st Chair)
  • Deputy Sheriff's Association Successor Bargaining (1st Chair) 

Shelly Kent; LR Manager - ext 87609, shellyk@multco.us

Department Portfolio:

  • Department of Community Services
  • Library
  • Sheriff's Office

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Deputy Sheriff's Association Successor Bargaining (2nd Chair)
  • Juvenile Custody Services Specialists Successor Bargaining (2nd Chair)
  • Legislation Tracking

Denise Holtrop; LR Technician – x87598, denise.holtrop@multco.us


  • Monthly Reports to Bargaining Units
  • Grievance/Discipline/Bargaining Files and SAP Maintenance
  • Unemployment, Drug and Alcohol, ADA Files
  • Initial Response to Unemployment Claims
  • Local 88 Seniority Lists
  • KSA and LDA: Tracking, file maintenance and communication
  • Staff to committees, producing minutes and reports
  • Maintain labor relations internet and intranet pages and links