Multnomah County Justice Reinvestment Program (MCJRP)

MCJRP Participant at Milestone Ceremony
Theresa Dickinson accepts her certificate at the March 5 Milestone Ceremony.

Multnomah County’s local public safety partners are participating in the State of Oregon’s Justice Reinvestment Program also referred to as HB 3194.  This Legislative program seeks to fund effective local crime control strategies that increase public safety and ultimately reduce the demand for costly prison resources.  The costs avoided by reducing the use of state prisons will return to the County to enhance and sustain effective local public safety strategies.

The MCJRP recognizes Multnomah County’s historical responsible use of Oregon Department of Corrections, and other public safety resources, both before and after the passage of HB3194. Multnomah County also recognizes a continued desire and goal to improve its processes in order to have the best information available at important decision points throughout the public safety continuum. In order to meet that desire and goal, the LPSCC Justice Reinvestment Steering Committee recommends the implementation of the new case procedures outlined in this document. The MCJRP establishes a process to assess offenders and provide a continuum of community-based sanctions, services and programs that are designed to reduce recidivism, decrease the county’s utilization of imprisonment in DOC institutions while protecting public safety and holding offenders accountable. The MCJRP is a pilot program with funding beginning July 1, 2014. The program will be rigorously evaluated by the coordinated data team for effectiveness by measuring various outcomes.

Watch a 3 minute video about MCJPR and one of the participants


Judicial Settlement Conference Task Force/ Standards of Excellence

Best Practices for Judges

Best Practices for Probation Officers, District Attorneys and Defense Attorneys (April 2016)
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PO Best Practices (392.15 KB)
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Dr. Doug Marlowe's Presentation January 14, 2016 Putting Justice Reinvestment into Action: Matching Dispositions to the Risk-and-Need Profiles of Offenders

To be effective, safe, and cost-efficient, community-corrections programs require substantial modifications based upon the risk-and-needs profiles of the individuals they serve.  This presentation will review a typology of risk-and-needs profiles among offenders, and describe concrete clinical and supervisory adaptations that are required to treat and manage various sub-types of offenders effectively.  Participants will learn about the scientific principles of evidence-based treatment, supervision and behavior modification, and how to modify these services based on assessment findings to optimize outcomes.

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