Multnomah County is committed to timely, equitable and inclusive civic participation in county government. Voters recognized this back in 1984, when they established the Office of Community Involvement (OCI) and directed the Board to create an advisory committee. The Community Involvement Committee (CIC) that evolved is one platform that creates opportunities for County staff and leadership to hear those voices.

Community Involvement Committee on hiatus during review, recommendation period

The County has changed a lot since the Office of Community was envisioned, growing much more diverse, and developing different community needs and priorities. Earlier this year, the Board of County Commissioners opened a path to update and improve our community involvement by reviewing the County code, its community engagement processes and best practices.

The goal is to rebuild the foundation of Multnomah County’s Community Involvement Committee in a way that puts our community values at the forefront. Toward that end, the Board directed the Office of Community Involvement to lead a review of the County Code sections 3.250-3.306 to recommend changes; design a process for gathering community input on the CIC‘s role and scope of work; review other jurisdictions and best practices; develop tools for an effective CIC (including an annual calendar, training, expectations and operational policies).

Updates will be posted here throughout the process.

If you have any questions about the Community Involvement Committee, contact the Office of Community Involvement at or 503.988.3450.