The Community Involvement Committee (CIC) is a panel of up to 15 volunteers from throughout Multnomah County who are appointed by the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners. They work with County officials, departments, and the community to facilitate and enhance opportunities for community participation. Find more information about how to get involved with the Community Involvement Committee. 

Mission Statement

The Multnomah County Community Involvement Committee (CIC) shall advocate for timely civic participation in County policy development, implementation and facilitate communication between the public and county government.

Community Involvement Committee Members:

District 1
Thomas Aquinas Debpuur (Term ends 11/19)
Kevin Frazier (Term ends 11/19)
Jean Trygstad (Term ends 2/18)

District 2
Gregory Anderson (Term ends 11/19)
Judy Hadley (Term ends 11/19)
Mariel Savage (Term ends 6/20)

District 3
Brian Balla (Term ends 11/19)
Ben Brady (Term ends 11/19)
​Ivonne Rivero (Term ends 1/19)

District 4
Gloria Ngezaho (Term ends 11/19)
Yu Te (Term ends 10/18)
Sherry Willmschen (Term ends 11/19)

At large
Christine Dupres (Term ends 11/19)
Bernardino De La Torre (Term ends 12/19)
Meredith Shield (Term ends 11/19)