The Purchasing office is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Call us at (503) 988-5111 for an appointment to visit with a specific buyer.  If you wish to view BID or RFP files, recommended viewing hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., Monday, Wednesday or Thursday.  Please call for appointment.

Review the information on this page to learn what you need to know to do business with Multnomah County, then visit our Bid and Proposal Opportunities page for current open solicitations.

Public Works - Link to construction related information page, including PREQUALIFICATION FORM(S)

How Multnomah County Purchases Goods & Services

The County purchases supplies, equipment and services (including public improvements and professional services) necessary to operate and support jails, health clinics, office buildings, libraries, animal services, elections and law enforcement. The following are procurement methods Multnomah County uses:

Purchases less than $10,000

Competitive solicitation is encouraged but not required for these purchases.  However, County departments shall, where practicable, obtain informal quotes.  Utilization of minority business, women-owned business, and emerging small business (MWESB) is strongly encouraged in all Multnomah County contracting.  County Departments are authorized to issue a Limited Purchase Order (LPO), use a Procurement card, or use Direct Pay.

How does the County's Procurement system work?

CHAPTER 279A, B AND C of the State of Oregon Statutes governs all public purchasing in the state.  Multnomah County Public Contract Review Board (PCRB) Administrative Rules (ARs) and county Administrative Procedures (APs) guide specific County purchases and exemptions.  These laws and rules are to assure that business conducted with vendors is fair, ethical and competitive. The following are methods and types of County purchases:

Limited Purchase Orders (LPO) $10,000 or less: County Departments are authorized to issue an LPO independently of the Purchasing Section.

Intermediate Procurements greater than $10,000 and less than $150,000:
Goods & Services: Departments may seek informally solicited price Quotes or competitive proposal Quotes from at least three vendors,all of which must be State of Oregon certified MWESB vendors if available.

Informal Public Works: A minimum of 3 competitive solicitations are required, all of which must be State of Oregon certified MWESB vendors unless none are available.

Professional Services: Are awarded through competitive proposals with at least one proposal solicited from a certified MWESB vendor.

For purchases that will result in a Price Agreement/Requirements Contract for up to five years, Bids are solicited by the Department from at least three vendors, all of which must be a State of Oregon certified MWESB vendor, if available.  A purchase order may be issued directly to the awarded vendor, or the solicitation may result in a written contract for ongoing requirements, for up to five years.

Formal Solicitations Over $150,000:

If a purchase exceeds $150,000, a formal solicitation is issued and advertised in the Daily Journal of Commerce, on this website and may be advertised in other publications.  Formal solicitations include Invitations to Bid (BID/ITB), Requests for Proposals (RFP), Requests for Qualifications (RFQ), and Notices of Intent (NOI).  Most of these documents will be available for download from this website.  A Formal Solicitation may result in a Purchase Order or a written contract (for a one time purchase), or a written contract for ongoing requirements for up to five years.


EEO Certification Requirement: Multnomah County's PCRB Rule 60-0040 requires that all contractors furnishing goods and services to the County in excess of $75,000 must be certified as an Equal Opportunity Employer.  (This dollar amount may vary for other government agencies).  Contractors will be required to document that they meet the requirements of PCRB Rule 60-0040 at the time of contracting.  The County will not execute a contract over $75,000 with any contractor who fails to become certified.

How to Avoid Quote, Bid or RFP Rejection:

Submit: Quotes, Bids and RFP responses to the Purchasing Office prior to the hour set forth in the procurement documents for closing date and time.  This requirement is strictly enforced with NO exceptions.

Be a responsive, responsible bidder: A responsive bidder is in substantial conformance with requirements, including submittal documents such as Bidder's Signature Page, Offeror's Representations and Certifications Form, bid security/bond(s), evidence of insurance, product literature, Good Faith Effort documentation, samples, references or other mandatory requirements.  A responsible bidder has all of the capabilities, experience, equipment, etc. to provide the product or service desired.

Notice: Multnomah County Purchasing provides this website as a convenience to the public, and makes reasonable efforts to keep the website current and complete.  However, there is no guarantee that you will receive information via the website on every Multnomah County procurement opportunity of interest to you.

Some solicitation documents cannot be made available in their entirety on our website.  These are available by mail or can be picked up in person at the address at the top of this page.

If you intend to submit a bid or proposal, it is your responsibility to make sure you have a complete solicitation package, including all addenda published for the solicitation.

Thank You!