Volunteering or Working with Children or Youth at Community Organizations

People looking to volunteer with children or youth either at a SUN Community School or a community organization, please contact the agencies below that directly provide these services on behalf of the SUN Service System.

Similarly, Multnomah County’s SUN program has few employment opportunities. Most positions are hired through the community organizations below.

Volunteer with the SUN Service System at Multnomah County

We have a few opportunities for people interested in volunteering with the SUN Service System at Multnomah County.

Administrative functions

Work in our downtown office and assist with:

  • Program monitoring
  • Program evaluation
  • Contracting for services
  • Community research and engagement
  • Staff and participation on committees


Peggy Samolinski

Donate to the SUN Service System

Contact Diana Hall if you have questions about the SUN Service System or if you would like to donate. You can also email checks attn: “SUN Community Schools” or “SUN Services System” to

Diana Hall
SUN Services System/Multnomah County, DCHS
209 SW 4th Ave., Suite 200
Portland, OR 97204

Multnomah County does not accept in-kind donations (clothing, food, etc.) for SUN Services. Please contact one of the community organizations listed at the top of the page for information on in-kind donations.