Multnomah County, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, is a national leader in promoting sustainability. The Office of Sustainability strives to create a more equitable, livable, resilient, and low-carbon Multnomah County.

To achieve this vision, we:

  • Collaborate with community partners to advance policies, projects, initiatives, programs, and research that are responsive to the community's needs,
  • Lead and support sustainability efforts within County departments and programs, and
  • Work with County leadership to advance this vision within the County, region, and state.

View projects, policies, and initiatives led by the Office of Sustainability that have addressed and helped to shape sustainable internal government operations and efforts in the community.

Guiding our work is the belief that the best solution to environmental problems is to eradicate the root causes of injustice in our community, that our entire community thrives when we meet the needs of the most vulnerable, and that community-driven solutions are more effective and long-lasting.

Office of Sustainability staff John Wasiutynski, Sara Mihm, and Tim Lynch participate in the Climate Strike on September 20, 2019.
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Sara Mihm
Sustainability Coordinator

Tim Lynch
Senior Policy Analyst

John Wasiutynski