DART Customer Service - Closed

All services at the Multnomah Building have been temporarily suspended.

DART Customer Service, Parcel Management and Recording

Staff are available by email at dartcs@multco.us and live chat (please click the icon in the upper right hand portion of the webpage). We are responding to voicemail messages at (503) 988-3326 as best we can. Please leave your name and number and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Marriage Licenses

Multnomah County will temporarily issue marriage licenses through the mail. Please visit https://multco.us/recording/marriage-licenses for instructions or call our office, 503-988-3326. You can also email us, dartcs@multco.us or use live chat for instructions.

Domestic Partnerships

Multnomah County will temporarily issue State and county domestic partnerships through the mail.  Please visit https://multco.us/recording/county-domestic-partnership or use our live chat feature on our website for instructions. 


Passport applications will not be accepted until further notice. Additionally, passport photos will not be taken. If you need passport help, contact the National Passport Center at 1-877-487-2778 or http://travel.state.gov/. 

Tax Payments

Due to the Multnomah Building closure, we recommend mailing property tax payments or using one of our online payment options.  Our mailing address is: DART Tax Collections PO Box 2716 Portland OR 97208-2716.


Due to the Multnomah Building closure, recording functions cannot be processed in person. 

  • Title Companies: Please eRecord when possible.  We are able to process documents rapidly electronically. 
  • Private Parties:  During the closure, we recommend that private parties and individuals mail in documents to be recorded with a check for payment.  Our mailing address is: DART Recording PO Box 2716 Portland OR 97208-2716.  Please check our website for processing fees.
  • Copy Requests:  We are unable to process copy requests at this time.

The Multnomah Building does not have a drop box for shipping companies (e.g. FedEx, UPS, etc.).  Mail is delivered through the USPS. 

Please go to https://multco.us/recording/recording-documents , or contact us at dart.recording@multco.us  for more information