Updated with ordinances (or parts) effective through 10.11.2018 ** 

Land Use Regulations

Until repealed, replaced, or superseded by subsequent code chapter provisions adopted after Ordinance 1001, the existing Multnomah County Land Use Ordinances, also known as 1990 Code Chapters 11.05 Planning Authority, 11.10 Comprehensive Plan, 11.12 Annexation Policy,11.15 Zoning Ordinance, and 11.45 Land Division shall remain in effect except Chapter 37 shall apply for all properties within the unincorporated area of Multnomah County within the Urban Growth Boundary, for all Columbia River Islands within the planning jurisdiction of Multnomah County that are outside the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area.

See Land Use Planning for Other Land Use Regulations

Multnomah County Code Vol. 1: General Ordinances

Multnomah County Code Vol. 2: Land Use Ordinances

Home Rule Charter 2016 (207 KB)