The Crime Victims Services Unit advocates for the dignity and respect crime victims deserve.

The unit provides DCJ with victim-focused consultation on policy and procedures, offers training, and ensures crime victim rights are integrated into supervision practices.

Direct services are provided to crime victims to help navigate the supervision process, offer opportunities for involvement, and collaborate with community partners to provide increased support and ensure victim safety.

You may be a victim of crime or know someone close to you who is a victim. No matter what was taken or who was hurt, you may feel that your life has changed. You may not feel as safe or secure as you did before the crime. It is not unusual for hurt and anger to linger long after the criminal act.

We hope that the topics shown below, as well as the Crime Victims Handbook (PDF) and the resources listed will help you and/or the person you care about become educated and to heal.

As a victim of crime, if requested, you have the right to be notified of hearings where probation may be revoked. If you would like to receive notification, please fill out the Crime Victims Request of Hearing Notification form.

Contact Information

  • Adult Parole/Probation Officers-- main office: 503.988.3701
  • Juvenile Court Counselors or Finding Court Dates: 503.988.3460
  • DCJ Crime Victim Services Manager: Denise Peña: 503.988.4793
  • Automated “VINE” system: 1-877-674-8463 (toll free) to find out if the person is on supervision, in a state prison, or in the county jail