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We're here to help people with intellectual or developmental disabilities experience personal growth and development, enjoy meaningful relationships, safely live and fully participate in communities and activities they choose.

Contact us

To start applying or if you have questions call 503.988.6258.

Our staff is available to help you access services. Anyone can apply. 

What Services are Available?

In general we:

  • Participate and collaborate as a member of the Individual Education Plan (IEP) and the Individual Family Support Plan (IFSP).
  • Assist in developing a behavior plan when needed.
  • Coordinate with other state, public, and private agencies regarding services.
  • Access emergency services upon request.
  • Guide and support the family and child to plan for the future.
  • Assist families and providers to access respite care and behavioral consultation.

Report abuse and neglect

Dial 503.988.6313 or visit our abuse investigations page if you are concerned that someone you know with an Intellectual or Developmental Disability may be abused, neglected, or harmed.