What's New? New developments in housing law.

COVID 19 Housing Protections: 

  • The Governor has issued a new Executive Order, ensuring that Oregon renters are protected from eviction until December 31, 2020. Landlords cannot evict tenants for nonpayment during this time. Landlords also cannot use most kinds of no-cause notices until the end of the moratorium.
  • Landlords cannot charge late fees or other charges based on nonpayment of rent between April 1 and December 31, 2020.
  • Landlords cannot report nonpayment of rent or fees to credit agencies.
  • Landlords also cannot give notices of termination without cause (unless the landlord has sold the property or intends to move into the property) or file for an eviction based on a termination without cause between April 1 and December 31.
  • Tenants continue to have a grace period (until March 31, 2021) to pay back rent that came due between April 1, 2020 and September 30, 2020. The grace period does not apply to rent that came due between October 1, 2020, and December 31, 2020. Unless a new law is passed between now and the end of December, that rent will have to be paid all at once in January. 

For additional information refer to Oregon Legal Aid's Eviction Moratorium informational sheet. 

This information is changing very quickly. More information about housing issues related to the COVID-19 outbreak is available at: OregonRentersRights.org and at oregonlawhelp.org/classroom/public-health-and-coronavirus-covid-19/housing-protections

Multnomah County Covid 19 Resources

Legal Aid Services of Oregon Covid 19 Emergency Protections - video explaining State and local rental protections.

Community Alliance of Tenants COVID 19 Housing Resources - Additional information available here.

Tenant Landlord Law updates as of March 1st, 2020:

“New Rules for Landlords” as of August 2019

New Rules for Landlords as of August 2019 is currently available to download and is also available in the following languages: Español中文Tiếng ViệtРусский.

Streaming video of “Legal Q&A: An Update to Landlord/Tenant Law in Oregon.” is available here.

Mandatory Tenant Relocation Assistance

Portland Housing Bureau – Rental Services Office

The Portland Housing Bureau’s Rental Services Office has a helpline and on-site staff to provide technical assistance and information specific to mandatory renter relocation assistance.

Reasonable Accommodation

Safe, stable housing is something that we all need to thrive. But people with disabilities often face barriers in accessing housing.

One tool that people with disabilities use for lifting these barriers is requesting a reasonable accommodation. These changes in rules, policies, practices, or services ensure that people with disabilities have the same opportunity to use the dwelling as a person without disabilities.

    Oregon Legal Aid

    Oregon Law Center 

    Find legal aid centers around the state. 

    Fair Housing of Oregon

    The Fair Housing Council of Oregon (FHCO) is a nonprofit civil rights organization driven to eliminate illegal housing discrimination through enforcement and education across Oregon. We promote equal access to housing by providing education, outreach, technical assistance, and enforcement opportunities specifically related to federal, state, and local fair housing laws. These laws protect against illegal housing discrimination based on “protected class status” in any housing transaction and, in fact, any housing situation.

    Oregon State Bar Landlord Tenant Law

    Landlord Tenant Law Information