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Portland’s aging downtown bridges are not expected to withstand a major earthquake. That is why Multnomah County is taking the lead on making at least one crossing earthquake ready. Located in the heart of downtown, the Burnside Bridge is a regionally established lifeline route across the Willamette River. 

    Project Status

    The Draft Feasibility Study is ready for review! The public will have the opportunity to give a last round of input at open house events and online during September 2018. After that, the final version will be sent to the Board of County Commissioners for approval.

    Open Houses

    During the September public comment period, you can attend one of two open houses and visit an online open house. Your feedback is needed on the work that has taken place to date. Share your thoughts about the importance of a resilient Burnside Bridge.

    Online Open House

    • August 31-September 30, 2018

    Open House - West

    • Thursday, Sept. 13 from 5-7pm
    • Mercy Corps offices: 43 SW Naito Parkway, Portland

    Open House - East

    • Tuesday, September 25 from 5-7pm
    • Fair-Haired Dumbbell building: 11 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Portland

    Fact Sheets

    Burnside Bridge Maintenance Project

    We are also doing maintenance on the Burnside Bridge through 2019. The Burnside Bridge Maintenance Project will repair and improve the bridge to keep it safe and working for another 15-20 years.

    Questions or Comments? 

    Please use this form to contact the project team with any questions or comments or to sign up for project updates.

    The information presented here, and the public and agency input received, may be adopted or incorporated by reference into a future environmental review process to meet the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act.