Call the Aging and Disability Resource Connection (ADRC) at 503.988.3646 or email, for 24-hour information and assistance to seniors (older people), people with disabilities, and caregivers.  Or search the ADRC online database.

Meals for seniorsTo enjoy your life to the fullest, regular nutritious meals are essential. In Oregon, we value senior members of our community and we don’t want you to worry about where your next meal will come from.  Times have changed - we are here to help.  Everyone needs a little help sometimes.  

Nutrition programs, like SNAP, Meals on Wheels and the Senior Farm Direct Nutrition Program can help you get the food you need to support your health and help to make ends meet.

SNAP (food stamps)

The income you save by using SNAP can help you save money for other financial necessities, like transportation, housing or medical expenses.

Use SNAP benefits at:

  • Your local grocery,
  • Farmers market, or
  • Any market where SNAP (EBT) benefits are accepted.

How to apply

Did you know?

  • You can get your SNAP benefits on a benefit card you can use just like a bank debit card at your grocery store check-out?
  • If someone helps do shopping for you, they can be authorized to use your SNAP card with your permission.
  • SNAP can be used at many community meal sites that serve older Oregonians, such as Meals on Wheels.
  • Qualifying for SNAP helps you save in other ways such as qualifying for the Oregon Telephone Assistance Program

Community-based and delivered meals

To find a meal site near you or to register for Meals on Wheels, visit or call 503.736.6325.

Meals on Wheels People provides hot, nutritious meals to older adults both at community dining centers throughout the County as well as home-delivered meals to older adults who have difficulty with leaving their home.

The cost of each meal is $7.39 and diners are asked to contribute what they can afford. No eligible person will be turned away for inability to donate.

View the up-to-date directory of their meal site locations, including those that offer culturally-specific meals.  

For general nutritional assistance, there are several emergency programs. The Oregon Food Bank, for example, distributes free food boxes, hot meals, and other nutrition-related goods and services.