Looking for your SNAP application status or information about your Oregon Trail (EBT) card? Visit the Oregon Department of Human Resources website

SNAP can help you access the food you need when your budget is tight. See if you qualify. 

Looking for resources to help someone else?  If you need assistance, please call a Multnomah County SNAP Enrollment Specialist at: Emily 503-320-6658 or Juan 503.928.9689. You can also email SNAP@multco.us.

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Are you eligible?

2020 Oregon Household Income Guidelines (185% Federal Poverty Level)

Persons in family Monthly
1 $1,968
2 $2,658
3 $3,349
4 $4,040
5 $4,730
6 $5,421
Monthly amounts go up $691 for each additional person.

How to apply for SNAP

Step 1: You have options

  • Complete an online SNAP application and submit electronically

  • Visit an Oregon Department of Human Services SNAP office and fill out a paper or online application in person.

  • Contact Multnomah County SNAP Enrollment Specialist and set up an appointment, any time of the week at 503.320.6658 or 503.928.9689.

  • If you are an older adult (people age 60 and older), a person with a disability age 18 and older, and/or a veteran, please contact the Helpline at 503-988-3646

Step 2: Documents are submitted

You will need:

  • proof of income for the last 30 days or a financial aid letter if you are a student.

You will speak with a DHS caseworker via phone or in person and review application to see if eligible.

Step 3: If you qualify 

Your SNAP benefits will be available on an Oregon Trail Card. New money will be available once a month.

Food in a hurry

Help with your SNAP case

Request a Hearing 

You have a right to request a hearing in many instances including an action to deny, reduce, change, close or suspend your grant or services. You can also ask for a hearing when the Department of Human Services has not acted on a request or notified you in a timely fashion.

You can request a hearing by contacting your caseworker or if you need help call 2-1-1 or Public Benefits Hotline - 1(800) 520-5292. For more information on the Public Benefits Hotline.

How to use your Oregon Trail Card 

An Oregon Trail Card is an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card. It is similar to a debit card from a bank and comes with a private, Personal Identification Number (PIN), to access benefits. The Oregon Trail Card is what you use to purchase food at grocery stores and Farmer’s Markets. Benefits are deposited into SNAP participants accounts each month.

Learn more about the Oregon Trail Card.

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