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Multnomah County Emergency Medical Services provides medical oversight and overall coordination of the Multnomah County EMS system and is the EMS medical control authority for the county.

Patient Treatment Protocols

(Effective January 1, 2018)
The following are patient treatment protocols for Multnomah County and participating agencies in Clackamas County.

Section 00: Contents, Preface | Dying and Death, POLST, DNAR | Medical Control for Drugs and Procedures (607.12 KB)
Section 10: Treatment (953.04 KB)
Section 20: Drugs (627.65 KB)
Section 30: Procedures (2.8 MB)
Section 40: Communications (464.46 KB)
Section 50: Operations (667.77 KB)
Section 60: Trauma Protocol ATAB-1 (1.16 MB)
Section 70: Special Operations Treatment (1 MB)


Pediatric Intraosseous Distal Femur Procedure (60.39 KB)

Patient Treatment

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