The Oregon Criminal Justice Commission''s Justice Reinvestment Summit and Multnomah County's What Works in Public Safety Conference will be held concurrently over two days in February 2017. 

This year’s What Works conference explores drug law and drug policy. Topics include health and criminal justice responses to drug addiction, and the impact of collateral consequences of felony convictions. Local and national experts will present the science of drug addiction, facts on drug use, and cutting-edge laws and policies in response to addiction and drug crimes.  The conference will be a joint judiciary committee meeting and is also open to all legislators, policy-makers, criminal justice leaders and public safety professionals.

What Works Agenda (440.65 KB)

Justice Reinvestment and What Works in Public Safety Invitation (557.3 KB)


Thursday, February 16th: Justice Reinvestment Summit
Friday, February 17th a.m. : What Works in Public Safety Conference
Friday, February 17th p.m.: Justice Reinvestment Summit Continues

Please attend one or both events.


Salem Convention Center
200 Commercial St SE, Salem, OR 97301