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Multnomah County's Medical Reserve Corp is a voluntary unit, made up of local licensed healthcare professionals, who will be called on to assist in the response to a large-scale heath or medical emergency.


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Who can join?

Anyone with a health or medical license that is in good standing, and which is overseen by a state licensing board that conducts at least one background check upon initial licensure may apply.

This includes alternative care professionals.

You cannot join more than one MRC unit in Oregon at a time, but you may join Oregon’s State Managed Volunteer Pool and our local unit.


Volunteers will participate in large-scale emergency response operations, including:

  • Community reception centers and shelter operations
  • Disease investigation and contact tracing
  • Covering staff shortages at healthcare facilities
  • Immunization clinics
  • Mass prophylaxis/vaccination clinics and point-of-dispensing sites
  • Call center operations during emergencies


Volunteer Orientation  Required for all volunteers. You may complete the orientation course by watching these videos at any time:

After you’ve finished watching both videos, complete this form to receive course credit»

SERV-OR  Offers volunteer training opportunities throughout the year.

Just-in-Time Training  If the MRC is activated, you’ll also receive “just-in-time” training to prepare you for that specific event.

You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in emergency preparedness response exercises.

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Melissa McKinney, Medical Reserve Corps Coordinator