Birth Records can be located in several different places depending on the time of birth, with some overlap. Access to birth records in Oregon is restricted under Oregon Administrative Rule 333-011-096 for 100 years following birth.

Please review the relevant agency's policies to confirm that you are eligible to obtain a certified birth record.

Less than 6 months since date of birth :
The Multnomah County Health Department maintains birth certificates for six months after the date of birth in order to make certified copies for authorized requesters. They also maintain a birth list for five years; this is a public record of birth information that has been authorized for release by the birth mother.

1903 to 6 months prior to today's date:
State of Oregon Center for Health Statistics can supply certified copies of birth records to authorized recipients. They maintain records of all births in Oregon from 1903 through six months prior to today's date.

1864-1917 from City of Portland:
Birth records and a birth register covering this time period are located in the Oregon State Archives.

Prior to 1903:
In addition to the City of Portland records mentioned above, genealogical information on birth records dated prior to 1903 may be located by looking in church records, announcements in local newspapers, family bibles, family diaries or memory books, or other non-governmental sources. The Genealogical Forum of Oregon can provide a launch point for your research.

Key Contacts :

State Registrar
Oregon Health Division
Center for Health Statistics

800 N.E. Oregon Street, Suite 205
Portland, OR 97232

Oregon State Archives
800 Summer Street
Salem, OR 97310

Multnomah County Health Department
Vital Records
847 N.E. 19th Ave, Suite 350
Portland, OR 97232

Genealogical Forum of Oregon
2505 SE 11th Ave
Portland, OR 97202