Correspondence (DCAGEN-001): Records that: 1. document communications created or received by an agency AND 2. directly relate to an agency program or agency administration AND 3. are not otherwise specified in the County and Special District General Records Retention Schedule (OAR 166-150) or in ORS 192.170. Records may include but are not limited to letters, memoranda, notes and electronic messages that communicate formal approvals, directions for action, and information about contracts, purchases, grants, personnel and particular projects or programs.
Disposition: File with the associated program or administrative records. Communications not meeting the above criteria do not need to be filed and may be retained as needed. (OAR 166-150-0005(10))

Employee Time & Leave Records (DCAGEN-002): Records documenting hours worked, leave hours accrued, and leave hours taken by department employees. Information usually includes employee name and social security number, hours worked, type and number of leave hours taken, total hours, dates, and related data. Includes applications for leave.
This information is maintained primarily in SAP with a variety of paper and electronic supporting documents.
Retention: Retain 4 years. (OAR 166-150-0155(3) & (6))

Employee Personnel Records (DCAGEN-003): Records document an individual employee’s work history. Records may include but are not limited to applications; notices of appointment; employment applications; training and certification records; records of health limitations; salary schedules; tuition reimbursement records; personnel actions; performance appraisal evaluations; letters of commendation and recommendation; letters of reprimand; notices of disciplinary action; notices of layoff; letters of resignation; home address and telephone disclosures; emergency notification forms; grievance and complaint records; and related correspondence and documentation.
Retention: Disciplinary actions: retain 3 years or as specified by union contract; all other records: retain 6 years after employee separation. (OAR 166-150-0160(10))

Employment Eligibility Verification Forms (I-9) (DCAGEN-012): Documents department compliance with INS regulations requiring verification of an employee's right to work in the United States. Records include INS form I-9 and copies of related identification documentation. May also include related correspondence. Information includes employee's name and address, employee's signed attestment that s/he is providing true information, employer's signed verification of employee's identification and necessary documentation, and revision information.
Retention: Retain 3 years after date of hire or one year after employment ends, whichever is later. (MOAR 166-150-0160(13); 8 CFR 274a.2)

Personnel Accident Incident Reports (DCAGEN-004): Series used to report employee accidents to program supervisors. Records may include SAIF accident reports, accident reports, occupational injury report and investigation, and employee identification and physical assessment form.
Retention: Retain 10 years after case closed. (OAR 166-150-0200(13))

Policy and Procedures Records (DCAGEN-005): Series documents review, assessment, development, and authorization of the department's formal policies and procedures. Records may include authorizing bulletins and advisories, mission and goal statements, manuals, and final policy statements and directives. Used for new employee orientation and for ongoing reference. Also useful in establishing past policies or procedures in liability cases, personnel disputes, and other instances. This series also includes routine documentation and basic clerical instructional procedures covering such subjects as formatting letters, data entry, telephone etiquette, and others. For records maintained in electronic format, please contact the County Records Management Program for preservation assistance.
Retention: Routine clerical manuals: Retain 2 years after superseded or obsolete; one copy of all other manuals: Retain permanently. (MOAR 166-150-0005(26, 27))

Position Description, Classification, and Compensation Records (DCAGEN-011): Records document the description, classification, reclassification, and compensation of agency jobs and positions, a process also known as desk auditing. May include details of duties and responsibilities of each position, time percentage breakdowns of tasks, skills and abilities needed for each position, and related records documenting the development, modification, or redefinition of each job or position. Records include Position Maintenance and Creation Forms (HR-30), reports, job analyses, interview data, selection criteria, authorizations, agreements, and significant related records.
Retention: Retain 3 years after superseded or obsolete. (MOAR 166-150-0160(22))

Professional Membership Records (DCAGEN-006): Records documenting department paid individual memberships and activities in professional organizations.
Retention: Retain 3 years. (OAR 166-150-0005(30))

Seminar and Conference Records, Non-Agency Sponsored (DCAGEN-007): Records documenting activities of seminars, conferences, workshops, conventions, and similar gatherings not sponsored by the department but attended by department officials or personnel. May include staff reports, instructional materials, recommendations, related correspondence and memoranda, and similar records.
Retention: Retain 2 years. (OAR 166-150-0005(40))

Seminar and Conference Records, Agency-Sponsored (DCAGEN-008): Records documenting the design and implementation of department sponsored seminars, conferences, workshops, conventions, and similar gatherings. Often includes class descriptions, instructional materials, course outlines, enrollment and attendance records, reports, speeches, planning documentation, and related records.
Retention: Retain 5 years. (OAR 166-150-0005(39))

Staff Meeting Records (DCAGEN-009): Records documenting routine department staff meetings which are not subject to Oregon's Public Meetings Law (ORS 192.610 to 192.710). These meetings deal with tasks and actions within existing policies and procedures. Records may include minutes, notes, reports, and related items. Some records may merit inclusion in other record series with longer retention periods if the subject matter of the meeting adds significant information to that series.
Retention: Retain 2 years. (OAR 166-150-0005(18))

Travel Expense Records (DCAGEN-010): Records documenting requests, authorizations, reimbursements, and other actions related to employee travel. Includes expense reports and receipts, vouchers, requests, authorizations, and related documents. Retention applies to private vehicle usage as well. Information often includes estimated costs, prepayments, final costs, destination, method of transportation, travel dates, approval signatures, and related data.
Retention: Retain 3 years. (OAR 166-150-0110(23))

Last updated: 30 January 2015