Welcome to the Multnomah County ServicePoint page.  ServicePoint is an online database.  This page is for users of the Multnomah County SUN Service System and Community Services Division.  If you are entering data for another organization (such as the City of Portland or another county) please contact your administrator at that organization to ensure that you are entering your data correctly.  

ServicePoint Helpline:  503-970-4408

ServicePoint Email:  servicepoint@multco.us

Data Sharing in Multnomah County

Over the past few months several local service providers, planners, and funders have been meeting to discuss a transition from a version of ServicePoint, where a client's data is completely "closed" between agencies, to a version where a client's data will be partially "shared" across programs and organizations (with the exception, at this time, of SUN Community Schools). 

The transition to a partially-shared system will take place July 1, 2015, and will:

  • Allow more seamless access to County services for clients and families
  • Provide new opportunities for coordinated case management between agencies 
  • Reduce agency staff time spent entering data in ServicePoint
  • Ensure more accurate system-level performance measurement

New Agency Agreements and Client Consent to Share documents are already in the works. Expect to hear more details about this transition, including dates for mandatory user trainings in June and July.

General Information

This webpage is just one way we keep our users up to date.  Check back frequently for any updates.  Also check out our bi-monthly newsletter, TalkingPoint (another way we keep our users current!)

Issue of TalkingPoint that addresses the October 2014 HUD changes:  October 2014 TalkingPoint

Current Issue of TalkingPoint

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Work Sessions

Work Sessions are times set aside for any user.  It's a way in which our users can have some one on one time with our trainers.  You can use this time however you would like (a refresher, data entry help or clean-up, reports, etc.)

Next regularly scheduled work sessions:​​

  • Monday  01/16/2017 AM
  • Monday  02/13/2017 AM
  • Monday  03/13/2017 AM

Work Sessions are times set aside for any user.  It's a way in which our users can have some one on one time with our trainers.  You can use this time however you would like (a refresher, data entry help or clean-up, reports, etc.)
Work sessions are on a drop in basis - first come, first service.  Please feel free to contact us at (503) 970-4408 or servicepoint@multco.us if you know you will attend so that we can ensure there is available staffing.

ServicePoint New User Trainings

This training is for new user only, if you would like a ServicePoint refresher please contact us at (503) 970-4408 or servicepoint@multco

Next regularly scheduled trainings:​​

  • Friday  01/06/2017 AM
  • Friday  02/10/2017 AM
  • Friday  03/10/2017 AM

Please contact the Multnomah County ServicePoint helpline to register or to schedule an alternative time.

ART 101 Trainings

Contact us to arrange a 1:1 ART 101 training, or to attend either of the sessions listed above.

SUN Community Schools, SUN Youth Advocacy (SYA), Parent Child Development Services (PCDS), Multnomah Stability Initiative (MSI)

Summer New User and ART Trainings

*Register HERE for SUN Community School Trainings*

SUN Community School New User Trainings

  • Tuesday, Sept. 6th, 10am-12pm at 500 SE Hawthorne

SUN Community School ART Report Trainings

  • Thursday, Sept. 15th, 10am-11:30am at 500 SE Hawthorne

ServicePoint Reminders

All monthly data entry is due by the 15th of the following month (Ex:  May data is due by June 15th, etc.)

Data quality reports are available for all Multnomah County programs. Please run these reports regularly. If you need to know where to find your report (or how to read it) please contact us. 

Frequently Used Documents/Forms