Food Carts (Mobile Food Units)


All food carts (called mobile food units) must be licensed and pass a health inspection prior to construction or operation. This applies to any portable vehicle where food is prepared, sold and/or dispensed to a consumer. Mobile food units include:

  • Drive-through espresso carts
  • Hotdog carts
  • Full-service trailers

You must get a plan review and food service license before:

  • Opening a new food cart
  • Extensively remodeling a mobile food unit
  • Reinstating a mobile food unit that been out of service for 12 consecutive months

You must also notify us when:

  • Your menu changes
  • Your location or route changes
  • Changing ownership

Good to Know

Prior to receiving your license from us, there may be other agencies from which you will be required to obtain approvals. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Planning (zoning)
  • Building codes (structural, electrical, plumbing, prefabricated structures)
  • Fire marshal
  • City or county authorities

Food handler cards are required for all persons working in a mobile food unit or base of operation. You can take the test online.


The mobile food unit must:

  • Be a vehicle and not require a special permit from the Oregon Department of Transportation to be moved.
  • Be on wheels and have the ability to be mobile at all times during operation and have no permanent connection to any utility service (including water, sewer, or electrical).
  • Include operations and equipment that are all integral to the unit.

Refer to the Plan Review Application Packet (163.61 KB)for additional requirements.

Get a License

If you are opening, remodeling or reinstating a mobile food unit:

You must first obtain a plan review. Submit to Multnomah County Environmental Health:

You must also obtain and pass any other required inspections from local authorities.

Expect to receive a response within 10 business days. After your plan has been approved, you may begin construction. You may then submit your mobile unit License Application (209.25 KB) and fee.

Once construction is complete, call us to arrange a pre-opening inspection. This can usually be scheduled 1 week after you call. You must receive and pass the Health Department pre-opening inspection before you can open.

After a food service license has been acquired, the restaurant will receive its first inspection within a few weeks.

Food Cart Forms

Plan Review Application Packet (163.61 KB)
License Application (209.25 KB)
Change of Ownership Form (32.49 KB)
Change of Ownership Supplemental Form (16.44 KB)
Restroom Agreement (198.07 KB)
Formulario de requisto de baño (57.69 KB)
Wastewater Disposal Form (199.75 KB)


License, Classes I, II, III  $380
License, Class IV  $465

Plan Review $405
Plan Review Rush $1,215

Commissary servicing mobile units $365

Fee Schedule (28.23 KB)


Licenses are good for one calendar year. Renew your license by paying the license fee by January 1 of each year.

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