Woman and young child posing with a blue recycle bin.We oversee solid waste and recycling for the unincorporated areas of Multnomah County outside the Urban Services Boundary.

To see if your home or business is inside or outside of the boundary, enter the address in Portland Maps.

For Customers

Some items are creating confusion for recyclers. Check these lists to make sure you're recycling right:

How do I find a hauler?

What gets recycled?

  • Paper, magazines, newspapers, office paper, envelopes, blueprints, brochures and other miscellaneous papers, milk cartons and aseptic containers, telephone directories, corrugated cardboard and craft paper (such as grocery bags).
  • Metals, aerosol cans, aluminum and steel-tinned containers, ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal.
  • Plastic bottles and tubs larger than six ounces, plastic buckets five gallons or less and rigid plastic nursery pots four inches or larger.

What’s required of my business?

All businesses, with the exception of home businesses, must contract with a hauler to have regularly scheduled recycling service and employees must be given the opportunity to recycle. 

For Haulers

How do I get a license?

Any hauler doing business in unincorporated Multnomah County must obtain a license from the Department of Community Services. Return the license application to: Solid Waste and Recycling, 1600 SE 190th Ave, Portland OR 97233.

How much does a license cost?

The license fee is $1 per customer per month, plus a $150 application fee.


To file a complaint about a hauler in our service area, return the complaint form to: Solid Waste and Recycling, 1600 SE 190th Ave, Portland OR 97233.

Illegal dumping may be reported to Metro’s Regional Illegal Dumping Patrol.


For information on recycling, waste prevention and green cleaning:

For information on hazardous waste:

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1600 SE 190th Ave.
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