Given the following funding issues, Multnomah County Transportation surveyed the public and its partner agencies in 2020 to determine which services and projects we should focus on and what level of road and bridge maintenance is acceptable. Service level changes have been made and the Transportation Division is working to secure new funds to increase services. This web page will be updated as new information becomes available. .

Current Funding Status

gas tax infographicDrop in Gas Tax Revenue Hurts
COVID-19 has caused a major decline in driving, which has caused a drop in gas tax revenue for all transportation agencies, including Multnomah County.

pot holeRoads and Bridges are in Long-Term Decline
Even before the pandemic, Transportation’s costs have been rising faster than its revenues, so our funding now buys less than it used to. The result is infrastructure in long-term decline.

construction workerImportant Projects on the Way
Multnomah County Transportation’s Capital Improvement Plan identifies approximately $3.7 billion in need for improvements and projects over the next 20 years.

binocularsSearch for New Funding is Happening
Due to COVID-19 and inflation, Multnomah County must find new funding to provide the transportation system people expect.


What is the Transportation Division responsible for in Multnomah County?

We plan for, operate, maintain, and construct: roads, pedestrian and bicycle facilities, signals, culverts, and bridges.

Our service area includes:

  • West County unincorporated areas
  • Willamette River Bridges (Sellwood, Hawthorne, Morrison, Burnside, Broadway, Sauvie Island)
  • Major streets in Fairview, Wood Village, and Troutdale
  • East County unincorporated areas
  • NOT in Portland or Gresham

If you're interested in finding out if a specific road is a County-owned road, please visit our online mapping tool to view our road system.

Where does the transportation funding come from?

  • State highway fund (primarily state gas tax, state vehicle registration fees, weight mile tax on trucks)
  • Multnomah County gas tax
  • Multnomah County vehicle registration fee
  • Competitive Grants
  • NOT from property taxes

For more information about how the Transportation Division operates and the current funding status, please read our fact sheet (en Español).