Multnomah Money Management Program 

As a part of the Oregon Money Management Program, the mission is to help seniors (older people), and people with disabilities with limited resources maintain peace of mind, independence, and protection against fraud and financial exploitation by helping them to better manage their money, maintain a budget and get their bills paid. 


Individuals 65 and older are eligible for the following services. Individuals 18 and older are eligible with a documented disability. The Rep Payee services are available for federal income sources and Money Mentor services are eligible for any income source.

Services Provided

Payee Services: designed for consumers who do not have the capacity to manage their own federal benefits such as Social Security and VA benefits. Multnomah County staff will become the representative payee for the consumer and manage day-to-day financial tasks. 

Money Mentoring: designed for consumers who have the capacity to make decisions regarding personal finances but need help keeping on track. Service can be short-term (1-3 months) or long-term to meet the consumers needs. A consumer is matched with a professional, training and background checked volunteer who will serve as their money mentor. 

Income Cap Trust: This service helps people who need Medicaid services but are not eligible for Medicaid because their income exceeds the Medicaid income cap. Income Cap trusts enable customers to become Medicaid eligible. 

Make a Referral 

APS referrals: please indicate this is an APS referral in the Additional Notes section of the referral when completing this form. Case Managers and VA Social workers can refer their clients for services by completing this form. Some firewalls prevent the form from loading and the link appears to be broken. If this is true for you, please contact our office to set-up a phone meeting with us so we can complete the form for you. You will need to provide us comprehensive information about your referral including contact information, date of birth, social security number, demographics, income information, and services needed.

Become a Volunteer

Money Mentor services are provided by skilled volunteers matched with consumers who live in close proximity to the volunteers. Volunteers are provided comprehensive training prior to beginning service and are matched with 1-4 consumers to meet once per month. The expected volunteer commitment is 1 hour monthly per consumer served.

Potential applicants can apply here. Check the box for the Money Management Program on the online application.

Specific duties or major tasks:

  • Mentor clients regarding finances once per month via phone or in-person (in-person preferred)
  • Make referrals to M3P staff regarding other needs
  • Gather any new bills and submit to M3P staff
  • Submit a Case Note via an electronic form after each indirect or direct contact with client
  • Optional: Teach a Budgeting 101 class at community-partner locations

Qualifications: (list knowledge, skills, abilities needed for the job).

  • Program orientation and training
  • Basic computer skills (especially comfort using Google products)
  • Comfort with direct client contact
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • General knowledge of household budgeting and daily money management
  • Provide own transportation
  • At least 3 hours per month (1 hour per client served with hope that you can serve 3+ clients)
  • One-year minimum commitment 

Contact Information 

Multnomah County Money Management Program 

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