Refunds from Double Payments
Should the County receive a double payment on an account, the Tax Accounting section will notify both parties by letter or by e-mail. 
Before the overpayment can be refunded, a letter or email of request/authorization must come directly from one of the paying parties and must include the reason the payment was in error, that both parties agree who should receive the refund and where the refund should be sent. 

Information Needed for a Refund Request
Name and mailing address of the paying party
Name and mailing address to whom the refund should be sent, if other than the paying party
Property Tax Account Number and Situs Address of the Property
The reason why the payment was made in error
Contact phone and e-mail address

Overpayments Made by One Party
Overpayments in excess of $10.00, or multiple payments made by the same party, are refunded automatically and a request is not necessary. Prior to issuing a refund, the accounts may be reviewed and the overpayment credited to any outstanding total tax liability of the paying party.

Refunds Issued Monthly
Refund checks are issued once per month and sent via US mail. Checks are typically mailed around the 15th of the month.  Requests for a refund and any additional information required must be received by the 5th of the month in order to be refunded that month.

Prepayment of property taxes prior to certification is only allowed under specific circumstances. Any prepayments received otherwise will be refunded.

Contact Multnomah County DART Tax Accounting


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In Person:     
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