When are my property taxes due?

You may choose to pay your taxes in full, or make partial payments as outlined below.

Pay by November 15* Receive discount Additional payment due Additional payment due
Full amount 3% No further payment
2/3 full amount 2% Final payment due May 15
1/3 full amount No Discount Second payment due February 15 Final payment due May 15

*If the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, due date is the next business day. See your tax bill for exact due dates.

  • To receive a discount, payments must be delivered, U.S. postmarked, or paid online by the date indicated.

  • Payments made through your financial institution's online bill payment services must be scheduled so payment is received by the due date.

  • Returned checks will result in a $25 fee. This could cause a loss of discount and interest charges.

  • Taxes of less than $40 must be paid in full by November 15.

  • By law, property tax payments must be credited to the earliest year for which taxes are due.

When will I get my tax bill?

Tax bills are mailed by October 25 each year.

When do taxes become a lien on my property?

Personal and real property taxes are a lien on July 1.  Learn more about delinquent taxes & foreclosure.

How much interest will I be charged if my tax payment is late?

Interest is charged on any past due amounts at a rate of 1.3333% per month (16% per year) or fraction of a month until paid. Call Customer Service at 503.988.3326 if you have a question about a specific account.

Did my mortgage company pay my tax bill?

If your property tax bill is yellow, it means a mortgage company or senior/disabled citizen deferral program has requested tax information to pay your tax bill.

If you have recently paid off your loan, changed mortgage companies, or canceled your tax reserves, use this statement to pay your property tax.

If you have any questions regarding who is paying your property tax, contact your mortgage company or the Oregon Department of Revenue.

What should I do if I have moved or changed mailing address?

Be sure to notify us of address changes.  Failure to do so could cause a late payment.

To change your address, write or email Customer Service.  Please include your tax account number or the property address:

Attention: Address change
Multnomah County DART
PO Box 2716
Portland, OR 97208-2716

Email: dartcs@multco.us

Can I prepay my property taxes?

Prepayments are usually prohibited and will be refunded.  If you want to make a prepayment on your account, contact DART to discuss allowable reasons. 

How do I find my account number or property ID?

Look up on your tax statement

Your account number is the same as your property ID.

Top of statement:

Bottom of statement:

Look up using multcoproptax.com

You can also use multcoproptax.com to look up your account number/property ID online.

Use the Guest Login to view records.


Search for your property by entering you address. For best results do not include street type (Street, Drive, Lane, etc).

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Your account number is the Property ID number listed in the left-hand column.

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