Updated Audit Schedule

August 5, 2019

Dear Multnomah County community members,

I am providing you with this updated audit schedule to keep you informed of my office’s progress and share some schedule changes. If you would like to share information with us related to our upcoming audits, please contact me.

My office will post this schedule on the County Auditor website, my government official Facebook page, and Twitter. I invite you to reach out to me at any time with questions or concerns about this schedule or any other County-related matters.

Thank you,

Jennifer McGuirk, MPA, CIA

Multnomah County Auditor


  • Deborah Kafoury, County Chair
  • Sharon Meieran, Commissioner District 1
  • Susheela Jayapal, Commissioner District 2
  • Jessica Vega Pederson, Commissioner District 3
  • Lori Stegmann, Commissioner District 4
  • Michael Reese, County Sheriff
  • Rod Underhill, District Attorney
  • Marissa Madrigal, County Chief Operating Officer



Special studies

To be completed

  • Health Department Mental Health and Addiction Services Division
    • Determine how well community mental health programs are serving individuals with serious and persistent mental illness.
  • Health Department Integrated Clinical Services Division
    • Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the primary care clinics.
  • Department of County Human Services' Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services Division (I/DDSD)
    • Determine how I/DDSD ensures that clients receive the care and services they need.

To be started

Removed from schedule

  • County Workforce Equity Strategic Plan implementation – My office may have a representative on the County’s Workforce Equity Strategic Plan Committee; this discussion is in process.

Moved to 2020 schedule

  • 2020 County financial condition report (was 2019 financial condition report)
  • Adult care homes and facilities