January 23, 2019

Dear Multnomah County community members,

The County Charter states that the County Auditor’s duties include conducting performance audits of all county operations and financial affairs. The Auditor has traditionally released an audit schedule every calendar year. I am pleased to continue that tradition.

In 2019, my office will conclude several audits started under the previous County Auditor, Steve March, and start audits that I pledged to launch during my campaign for County Auditor. My priority to bring an equity lens into audit processes is being incorporated into the in-process audits as much as possible and will be a foundation for the audits that my office starts this year.

To be completed


  • Cross-departmental County risk management
    • Discuss the benefits of an ERM structured approach to managing County risks/opportunities as well as the challenges associated with implementing and sustaining it.
  • Health Department Mental Health and Addiction Services Division
    • Determine how well community mental health programs are serving individuals with serious and persistent mental illness.
  • Health Department Integrated Clinical Services Division
    • Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the primary care clinics.
  • Department of County Human Services' Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services Division (I/DDSD)
    • Determine how I/DDSD ensures that clients receive the care and services they need.

Special studies

  • Report on results of 2018 County Ethical Culture Survey

To be started


  • County jail conditions
  • Adult care homes and facilities
  • Accessing housing and homeless services
  • County Workforce Equity Strategic Plan implementation

Special studies

  • 2019 County financial condition report

The objectives of these audits will be developed closer to when they start. I will provide an updated audit schedule at that time.

I invite community members to reach out to me at any time with questions or concerns about this schedule or any other County-related matters.

My office will post this schedule on the County Auditor website and my government official Facebook page, and distribute it via news release, Twitter, and the internal County newsletter, the Wednesday Wire.

Thank you,

Jennifer McGuirk, MPA, CIA

Multnomah County Auditor


  • Deborah Kafoury, County Chair
  • Sharon Meieran, Commissioner District 1
  • Susheela Jayapal, Commissioner District 2
  • Jessica Vega Pederson, Commissioner District 3
  • Lori Stegmann, Commissioner District 4
  • Michael Reese, County Sheriff
  • Rod Underhill, District Attorney
  • Marissa Madrigal, County Chief Operating Officer