Audit Schedule FY17-18 (subject to change)

Audits & reports in progress:

Capital Construction – processes & procedures
Internal Service Charges – focus on DCA primarily
Data Mining Projects – spot checks, inventory, policies, procedures, best practices
Homelessness & Housing – a risk approach including vendors

Audits on schedule:

Financial Condition – interactive format (Spring 2017)
Health Department – options: financial, Public Health

Potential Audits, Special Projects & Follow-ups (some options):

Ethical Culture - Conflicts of Interest; survey possible
Countywide IT Governance and Operations
Sustainability - Program & county-wide (ND)
Criminal Justice System – Incarceration, Charging, Specialty Courts, Diversion,
Co-audit of partnered program(s) (i.e., with school district, City, other partners)
Follow-ups: Overtime; Time Keeping; Accounts Payable; Animal Services; MHADS;
Emergency Management; SUN; Land Use
DCM Division of Assessment, Recording & Taxation (follow-ups or new areas)
Human Resources System
Cooperative projects, measuring success, impact and outcomes

Additional work – the audit of the Multnomah County Auditor’s Office

Peer Review, team assembled by ALGA, the Association of Local Government Auditors