Earthquake Ready Burnside Bridge

We are taking the lead in making the Burnside Bridge earthquake-ready.  The project is in the planning, or environmental review, phase. The project will ensure we have a bridge that can withstand a major earthquake and remain open to all forms of travel.   Construction is expected to begin in 2025.

Morrison Bridge Painting

The steel on the two fixed and two moveable river spans of the Morrison Bridge will be repainted starting in summer 2021, with project completion in spring 2023. The existing paint is peeling and must be replaced to avoid corrosion of the structural steel members.

Broadway Bridge Lift Deck Replacement

In 2022, we will replace the deck of the Broadway Bridge's lift spans, as well as repair the brakes that help control their speed.

Other Agency Projects 

  • SW Naito Parkway Improvements (City of Portland project. Construction Fall 2020 - August 2021).  Installation of a new traffic signal from SW Naito Parkway northbound to Hawthorne Bridge eastbound has closed the ramp from March 22, 2021 until mid-August. Eastbound traffic can access bridge from SW Madison St. and SW First Ave.
  • SE Hawthorne/Madison Multimodal Improvements (City of Portland project. Construction Spring 2021).  Includes safety improvements for pedestrians and bicyclists, transit lane improvements and parking changes.  The work includes changes on Multnomah County's east side viaducts leading to the Hawthorne Bridge.

Recent Projects