OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Policy Advisor, Commissioner Charlie Hales; Governmental Affairs Representative for Planned Parenthood, Basic Rights Oregon, Oregon Health Leadership Against Tobacco, National Association of Social Workers; Campaign Consultant

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Northwestern School of Law, Lewis and Clark College, JD; University of Pennsylvania, BA

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Policy advisor, Commissioner Charlie Hales

COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES: President, Foundation Board, Oregon NARAL; City Club Member; Neighborhood Activist

Josh Alpert:
For Solutions to Today’s Problems and New Ideas for Portland’s Future

Improving City-Neighborhood Relations:
Neighborhoods should be a breeding ground for progressive new ideas. I purpose that the council conduct weekly work sessions with each neighborhood group to promote positive community change. Let’s end 11th-hour conflicts by starting dialogues early.

Initiating a Bold, Visionary Economic Development Strategy:
Businesses are a critical part of our community and economy. Taxes should be used to achieve our core values, like the reduction of congestion and pollution. Let’s eliminate the business license fee, and find new revenue that shapes our city, rather than destroys it.

Making City Government More User-Friendly and Less Frustrating:
The City must provide understandable and accessible resources for all its citizens. This includes access to jobs, schools and housing, which will reinforce the desire for people to live, work and play in the City.

Promoting and Protecting Our Public Safety:
I will work to protect our streets and neighborhoods by calling for increased community policing- we need our officers on the streets and in our neighborhoods. We must work with our police and firefighters to safeguard all our communities.

“Very rarely do I endorse candidates, but Josh Alpert is clearly the best choice to replace me on the Portland City Council”
-Former Commissioner Charlie Hales

Join Charlie and thousands of other Portlanders in making Portland ‘Rise Above the Status Quo’…

Vote for Josh Alpert on September 17

(This information furnished by Josh Alpert)


OCCUPATION: Unemployed, Volunteer Food Server Loaves & Fishes, Volunteer Food Server Sisters of The Road Café

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Unpaid Consultant to Businesses, Bartender, Waiter, Security

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Portland Community College; 2 yrs.; Theater Arts; Speech Communication, 2 Associate Arts Degrees; Volunteer Counselor


We need Safer streets, New streets and sidewalks, Clean water, Parks and our Performing Arts Center.

Affordable Housing.

We must applaud our Fire Department, and see that they get all they are asking for in their contract.

Mandatory drug testing for all city employees, including our police.

I love sports. The operators of PGE Park must pay back the city by September 30, 2002, or another operator must be found.

We can no longer afford deficit spending.

The rate-payers should not be responsible for errors in the Water Dept.’s computer billing system.

Streamline all contracts, City codes and reduce permits. Developers must be taxed-20% fee!

Treatment not jails.

Schools not jails.

I applaud the county Library System. Restore the cuts.

Bring back the Janitors to our Schools- Don’t contract them out! Safer Schools!


The City Council is not responsible for the County.

I would, as a commissioner, lobby for:

Mandatory drug testing for all county employees, including our District Attorney’s Office. Cut the District Attorney’s Office by 1/4th. Cigarettes are not the problem, hard drugs are. Treatment is the solution.

As City Commissioner, I will donate $5,000 of my salary as seed money for books, buildings, and after school activities. I will donate another $5,000 of my salary as seed money to: Loaves and Fishes, The Food Bank, Camp Charity, and AMFAR-American Foundation for Aids Research.

We must find a cure for Aids.


-“Some men see things as they are and say why, I dream things that never were, and say why not?” Former Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, 1968

Mr. Bundeson is a member of AARP


OCCUPATION: Elected Director West Multnomah Conservation District; Conservator.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Antique textiles restorer; National grants reviewer.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Holy Family Elementary (Portland); University of Oregon.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: METRO Water Resources Policy Advisory; City of Portland Environmental Zoning Citizens Advisory; Southwest Neighborhood Coalition Board; Community environmental projects grantwriter and coordinator; Precinct committeewoman.

“We need new leadership in City Hall and Liz Callison is our best choice. She has compassion for people, keen understanding of how government works, strong respect for our shared environment, and she deserves your vote!
Jim Lockhart, Independent News Producer

“After years of expensive wrangling, Portland still lacks effective environmental protection. Liz will institute cost-effective practices to clean up the Willamette, preserve fish and wildlife habitat, and ensure a clean, healthy environment.”
Jon Rhodes, Aquatic Scientist

“Buy local” and provide incentives to small businesses.

Encourage viability of non-profit efforts such as farmers’ markets, community gardens and specialty crop producers. Support 4-H, and County Fair and Extension Services, and trade apprenticeship programs in cooperation with the school district.


  • Keep our school playing fields.
  • Neighborhoods deserve a “fair share” of the City’s resources.
  • The public should be included early in any major redevelopment decisions. Retain Portland ownership of its Bull Run water system.
  • Support best water and electrical power options for local ratepayers.


  • Cut administrative costs, and eliminate irrelevant fees.
  • Rebuild municipal employee morale.
  • Honor collective bargaining contracts, protect jobs, and institute merit incentives for better productivity.
  • Cut paperwork and red tape to improve efficiency.
  • Reduce water and sewer costs through instituting honest accounting and expenditure review.
  • Institute public disclosure of campaign contributions when Council decides private contracts and tax exemptions. or you may contact her at (503) 869-4788

(This information furnished by Liz Callison Campaign Committee)


OCCUPATION: Multnomah County Commissioner

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Assistant Dean of Admissions, Lewis & Clark College; Student Advisor, Portland Community College; Attorney, Ball Janik, LLP.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Harvard University, M.P.P.; University of California, Boalt Hall School of Law; J.D., Lewis & Clark College, B.A.; Portland State University’s Executive Leadership Institute.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Staff Assistant, Commissioner Erik Sten

PRIOR COMMUNITY EXPERIENCE: Oregon Food Bank Capital Campaign; Governors’ I-5 Trade and Transportation Task Force; Visitors Development Fund; Gang Violence Prevention Task Force.

Looking for a better life, Serena’s mother came to the United States and settled in Oregon. She taught her children to value education, hard work and community service. Serena learned these values well, working her way through college, graduate and law school.

Building on her personal experiences and her record of accomplishments on the County Commission, Serena will work the hardest:

  • For our schools. Serena organized parents and community members to lower the high school drop out rate. Serena will support local funding for schools now. In contrast, Rep. Leonard wrote, “My job as City Commissioner…does not include schools or school funding as part of what the City Council is responsible for.” (7/11/02,
  • For our families. Serena fought for better health care for working families, fair insurance benefits for women, and services to help seniors stay in their homes. Serena will stand-up for regional investments in affordable housing, health care and job creation.
  • For our neighborhoods. To fight crime, Serena started a gang violence prevention task force and expanded treatment programs for drug addicts. Serena will advance community policing and common sense efforts to prevent crime.

Serena gets the job done.

“Portland deserves great schools, good jobs, affordable places to live, and a thriving, healthy community. As your next City Commissioner, I will work hard with you to protect the things we love about Portland.”

Join the hundreds of Portlanders endorsing Serena, including former Governor Barbara Roberts, Sheriff-elect Bernie Giusto, PCC Faculty Federation and Oregon League of Conservation Voters at

(This information furnished by Cruz for Council)


OCCUPATION: Attorney for individuals, small businesses, and non-profits.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Employment and labor law.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Northeastern University School of Law, JD; Harvard College, BA.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Vice-chair, Housing Authority of Portland; parent representative, Portland Public School Childcare Task Force.

COMMUNITY VOLUNTEER: Chair, Advisory Board, Hatfield School of Government, PSU; Advisory Board, Campaign for Equal Justice; co-organizer, “Oregon Loves New York: Flight for Freedom.”

PERSONAL: Nick lives in Northeast Portland with his wife and daughter.


  • Create Jobs: Attract and retain family-wage jobs and support local businesses to ensure a stable economy.
  • Strong Schools: Fight for stable and adequate funding and make education a priority at City Hall.
  • Accountability: Demand accountability from City Hall and its bureaus. Streamline regulations and eliminate waste.
  • Public Safety: Provide more resources to reduce crime.
  • Healthy Neighborhoods: Ease traffic congestion, support parks, expand childcare programs and build affordable housing.


“Nick will bring common sense leadership to City Hall and get results.” -Former City Commissioner Mike Lindberg
“Portland can’t afford to lose more family-wage jobs and businesses. Nick will be a leader in attracting and keeping jobs.” -Sho and Loen Dozono, Azumano Travel
“No one will work harder to ensure that our tax dollars are managed wisely.” -State Treasurer Randall Edwards, Portland resident
“Nick has a vision for Portland that brings all of us together.” -Kay Toran, community leader
“Nick will fight to defend excellence in our public schools.” -Richard Garrett, former president, Portland Association of Teachers

WE ALSO SUPPORT NICK FISH: Honorable Clay Myers, Honorable Ron Cease, Diana Goldschmidt, Peter Bragdon, Jim Kelly, Steve Naito, Jessica Marlitt, Brian Booth, Howard Shapiro, Sue Hildick, Denny West, Al Solheim, Emily Crumpacker, Julia Brim-Edwards, Nohad Toulan, Jeff Alden, Betsy Ames, Fred Rosenbaum, John Bishop, Willie Brown, Susan Emmons, Frank Bird, Neilson Abeel, Tom Moyer….


(This information furnished by Friends of Nick Fish)


OCCUPATION: Marketing Director, Artists Repertory Theatre

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Marketing Director, Capital Repertory Theatre (Albany, NY); Direct Marketing Manager; Louisiana Pacific; Festival/ Concert Production Consultant. (Hartford CT, NYC) Artists Management (NYC, Albany, Montreal, Austin); New York Main Street Alliance, Programmer

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: State University of NY @ Purchase, History, Music 4-years; New School of Broadcasting (Albany, NY), Broadcast Certificate; Portland State University

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Albany Coalition for Light Rail, President; Lark Street BID (Albany, NY) Business Recruiter

For a smarter, greener, more compassionate Portland

“If justice dictated the City Council race-as opposed to name recognition and fund-raising - the two candidates in the fall runoff for Charlie Hales’ seat would be Christian Gunther and...” Steve Duin, The Oregonian

"Gunther’s entry into the council race holds some promise to interject local politics with a verve that has been lacking” Phil Busse Portland Mercury

As the model for how to run a major U.S. city, Portland shines. However, housing costs, affordability, bureaucratic red tape, air/water quality, jobs and the future of our schools are all issues that need more attention and resources dedicated to them. Our potential tourism market is largely untapped. Portland’s historic structures are being demolished and actors, artists, film crews etc. have seen their work dry up while the city turns a blind eye to a thriving though underfunded and potentially lucrative arts industry.

All this while Portland’s legendary protection of our civil liberties is threatened by political opportunists.

I love this fantastic and ever-changing city. I care about its citizens. And I’m equipped with the vision, knowledge and out-of-box solutions that will propel Portland to greater heights, funding mechanisms, and all. My vision: an inspired multi-cultured, livable cosmopolitan community. That’s why I’ll put my career on hold to serve you. Imagine: Elect me and I will address the following:

  • Vancouver B.C. –style smart urban growth utilizing mixed use live/work/play structures and green building models.
  • Income-responsive, tiered-housing.
  • Affordable housing initiatives for public benefit not-for-profit and arts employees.
  • Green Business growth. NOT pipe-dream Bioscience scenarios.
  • Continued investment in transit and increased incentives for those who bike and walk to work.
  • Expansion of fareless square.
  • Increased community policing.
  • More street-level trash/recycling bins. And much more.

Please log on to or phone 503.224.5694 for more information.

(This information furnished by Christian Gunther 4 City Council)


OCCUPATION: 24-Year Portland Firefighter, East Portland Legislator

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Portland Fire Bureau, 1978 – present; President, Portland Firefighters Association, 1986-1998. EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: BS, History, Portland State University, 1975; Grant H.S., 1970.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: State Senator 1993-1999; State Representative 1999-Present

COMMUNITY EXPERIENCE: Emanuel Burn Center Board Member, Muscular Dystrophy Association, NE Coalition of Neighborhoods

Real-World Experience. Real Results for People.

“Nobody works harder than Randy Leonard to create jobs, clean the Willamette River and fight for schools. Next year, I’ll be a Portland resident. I want Randy Leonard to be my City Commissioner.”
Governor John Kitzhaber


Creating Good Jobs
Randy Leonard led the effort to create incentives for new businesses, bringing good jobs to depressed areas, and encouraging businesses to set up headquarters in Oregon.

“Randy Leonard knows that Portland needs more family wage jobs, and he knows how to deliver them.”
Tim Nesbitt, Oregon AFL-CIO

Fighting for Schools
Randy pushed for a law requiring independent audits of local schools. Nobody fights harder for adequate school funding.
That’s why Portland’s classroom teachers endorse Randy.

Getting Toxics Out of the Willamette
Randy took on the Port of Portland to halt the dumping of toxic chemicals into the Willamette. Nobody in this race has done more to clean our river. That’s why the Oregon League of Conservation Voters (OLCV) Endorses Randy.

Saving Taxpayers’ Money
Randy Leonard found common sense ways to get better service for less money. He’ll cut city bureaucracy before cutting services or raising taxes.

Safer Families
“Randy’s a leader with experience fighting domestic violence and keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and kids.”
Senator Ginny Burdick

Just some endorsements:
Governor John Kitzhaber; Portland Firefighters Association; Mult. Co. District Attorney Mike Schrunk; Portland Police Association; Portland Association of Teachers; Oregon AFL-CIO; State Labor Commissioner-Elect Dan Gardner

Visit See 200+supporters from neighborhoods across Portland! Questions? 503.762.3185

(This information furnished by Friends of Randy Leonard)


OCCUPATION: Portland Swimwear; President/Founder, Rainman Roasters Coffee House; President/Founder

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: City of Portland Parks and Recreation; District Aquatic Coordinator, National Pool and Waterpark Lifeguard Association; Auditor

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: George Fox University, MBA; Willamette University, Political Science, BS; U.S. Grant High.



  • Married to Sharie Juckeland Moss
  • Children: Benjamin (2 1/2) and a daughter on the way
  • Christian values

“If justice dictated the City Council race…the two candidates in the anticipated fall runoff for Charlie Hales’ old seat would be Christian Gunther and J.P. Moss.”
Steve Duin, Oregonian 7/14/02

It all comes down to jobs – jobs and people. By creating secure, meaningful jobs you also help reduce crime, improve education, and ensure healthy neighborhoods. The revenue created by jobs helps keep our city clean, pays for beautiful parks, and supports needed drug treatment programs. Jobs are the key to paying for an adequate police force and ensuring a deserving wage for our teachers. Creating jobs also provides us with the security of knowing that we can provide for our families.

Creating jobs is not just something to talk about during re-election. It’s no accident that Portland has the worst unemployment figures in the nation. It’s no accident that more and more businesses are leaving Portland for other cities.

I am the one candidate with direct experience creating jobs for multiple companies. Through my entrepreneurial experience I have gained the skills and knowledge of what is required to attract the kinds of businesses that will ensure Portland’s bright future. It’s time to take job creation seriously and elect someone with focus and experience in this area. I am that person.

J.P.’s Community Involvement/Membership

  • Northwest Medical Teams
  • Portland Chamber of Commerce
  • Financial support for area churches and non-profit organizations
  • Oregon Entrepreneur Forum
  • Portland Parks and Recreation
  • Young Entrepreneurs Organization
  • Financial support program for school teachers
  • Portland City Club
  • Volunteer consultant for small businesses
  • American Red Cross

I’m asking for your vote.

(This information furnished by People for Portland)


OCCUPATION: Successful small business Owner

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Canvasser Oregon Fair Share; Restaurant Management; Director Pacific Wheatworks; Realtor.

EDUCATION: St. Mary’s Academy 1978, PCC 1980, OSRE 1996

PRIOR GOVERNMENT EXPERIENCE: Board Member North Portland Business Association; Community Forum Member, Governors BI-State I-5 Task Force.

COMMUNITY EXPERIENCE: Chairperson “Christmas Bazaar”; Septfest and Christmas Family. Transportation activist promoting arterial from Vancouver to Portland.

“She would be a tremendous person to show citizens how to affect public policy”, said Craig Pridmore… “Public officials praise her for how she has gone about promoting the West Arterial: in a determined but upbeat and unfailingly polite way.”
Columbian 3/1/02

“We revised the position based on Sharon’s campaign. She kept a project alive that all of us assumed was dead, which in the transportation game is a very big success.”
Vancouver Business Journal 3/8/02


  • Education doesn’t need just more funding but a complete overhaul. Our educational system needs stable funding and citywide community involvement. Create a bonus/award system for teachers, students and staff. Establish volunteer recruiting center to actively recruit volunteers and supplies.
  • Livability: working towards a “home-town” feeling in a major metropolitan setting. I support alternatives to high-density housing in neighborhoods. Oregon has many towns dying from lack of jobs and people that would welcome growth. Supporting those towns will minimize Portland’s congestion and pollution.
  • We must stop traffic congestion to save time, money and reduce pollution. Transportation begins when a citizen walks out the door, can cross the street safely and have choices of transportation available.
  • Support Our Business Community. Businesses are NOT coming to Portland. We are experiencing EMPLOYER FLIGHT due to unfriendly city policies. Portland needs to reduce unnecessary regulations and fees to be more business friendly and encourage more small business.


Identify the problem and focus on the solution!
Elect Sharon Nasset “Get back to the Basics!”

(This information furnished by Committee to Elect Sharon Nasset)


OCCUPATION: Business Owner

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Business Owner, Overhead Doors Express

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: David Douglas HS; Portland State University, B.S. Business Management


COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Head coach, David Douglas Kids Wrestling Club, Assistant Soccer Coach, Rose City Soccer; Republican Precinct Person.

FAMILY: Wife Cynthia Trosino, three daughters, and the family dog and cat

“Re-building a strong economy will help return Portland to it’s distinction as the most liveable city in the nation.”

  • Make Portland a business-friendly environment so companies will invest here bringing jobs to our region.
  • Protect and keep family-wage jobs here in Portland-Metro.
  • Streamline the bureaucracy that stifles our economic growth and hurts small businesses.

“As a father I recognize the need for well-funded and accountable schools.”

  • Protect our public schools with adequate and stable funding.
  • Put the decision making authority back into the parent’s hands by providing choice and excellence.
  • Education and testing must be relevant in preparing our students for a vocation or higher education.

“Using our natural resources wisely and investing in a functioning transportation system are critical in protecting Portland’s livability.”

  • Clean air, safe drinking water and well managed growth are important to overall liability.
  • Committed to providing a balance between Portland’s environment and economy.
  • Focus transportation budget on building and maintaining roads throughout the city.


Restore public confidence by replacing confrontation with cooperation and building partnerships within our communities.
Ensure financial decisions involving public money are used properly and effectively.

Cletus B. Moore Jr., Chair Mult. Co. Republican Party; Dick J. Osborne, Vice Chair Mult. Co. Republican Party; Bob Montgomery, Former State Legislator; Roy A. Pittman, Community Leader; Fred Milton; Jim and Bev Dixon; Greg Burnett, City Activist; Larry Moyer; Ramona K. New, President of TNCC Inc.

(This information furnished by Friends of Wayne Trosino, 503 288 6817)


OCCUPATION: International Relations; Portland-Mutare Sister City Association

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Human Rights; Health Care; Business

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Portland State University, Humanities; Jefferson High; Beach Elementary

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Air Force; Metropolitan Youth Commission


I believe that I bring the concerns and voice of many of our city’s disenfranchised to our city’s decision making processes. Like you, I am concerned about good jobs and a strong business climate, living in a community that embraces compassion, and takes the long view in setting policies with public input. I am running for public office because it is important to have ordinary citizens represented in government. Here are issues I want to address:

Livability: Keep Portland a great place to live: clean water, free of contaminations such as lead; cultural diversity, by which I mean embracing, not merely tolerating, the richness that ALL our citizens and visitors bring to Portland; decrease the criminal prosecution of casual marijuana users, saving huge amounts of police, lawyers and jails money better spent on education.

Police oversight: Racial profiling must cease. Citizen oversight of our police force is an important aspect of our democratic society, especially when it comes to use of deadly force. Our police should live in the communities in which they work, and Portland should offer incentives to do so, to ensure that they understand and invest in the neighborhoods they protect.

Cultural strengths: Our unique position on a major river is attractive to business and tourism, and we can and must do more to promote Portland as good for business, and good for visitors. Our cultural organizations have some of the most creative and innovative minds in the U.S., and we should encourage and support their work.

HIV/AIDS: The fastest growing segment of those affected by AIDS is young women. Our city can and must do more to ensure that effective prevention and treatment messages reach those most at risk, particularly communities of color.


(This information furnished by Friends of Clifford Walker)