REACH logoREACH aims to improve the health equity in chronic diseases, oftentimes caused by unhealthy eating and living, for at least 75% of the African-American/Black communities.

We know that lacking access to healthy foods and adequate public transit in African-American/Black communities greatly contributes to poor health outcomes such as obesity, hypertension, premature or underweight birth and more.

In the process, we partner with established community leaders to end these disproportionate health outcomes and empower the community.

How We Work

REACH uses communications, policy, system and environmental (PSE) change strategies. These strategies span across the life-course and reach infants, youth, adults and elders by integrating high impact, evidence-based changes into social and physical environments. 

How it All Started

In 2014, Multnomah County earned the three-year, $3 million Centers for Disease Control and Prevention grant to work within the county's African-American/Black communities. There are 49 other counties across the country under the CDC's REACH grant, each focusing on specific underserved racial and ethnic populations in their area.

Through the research of a prior grant, Multnomah County recognized the need to end health disparities within the African-American communities.


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