Help Multnomah County create a long-range plan for road improvements.

Project Overview

Our region is changing quickly. Many more people live and drive here, and more get around without a car than ever before. Multnomah County has been developing a long-range plan for improving its roads. This Roads Capital Improvement Plan (RCIP):

  • Helps the County know how much money (capital) is needed and how to get the most from that money.
  • Builds on work that’s already happened in our community.
  • Includes projects and priorities that our community has said are important through local planning efforts.

Every county resident is impacted by county roads. Maybe you or a loved one spends a lot of time in traffic — or walks, rides buses, rides a bike, and/or uses a mobility device. Many county residents provided input for the plan before it was adopted by County Commissioners in January 2020.  See some examples of road improvements that started with public input.

Public Participation

In April of 2018 we asked the public for input on where improvements are needed to our roads and we asked for help deciding how to prioritize the improvements. Read a summary of what people said.

In February 2019 we held another round of public outreach to share and receive input on the prioritized list of improvements. Three open houses were held in Corbett, Sauvie Island and Wood Village. We also hosted an online open house.

In November 2019, we conducted our last round of public outreach including an open house on November 12 and an online open house that closed on November 30.  The in-person open house included a staff Roads Capital Improvement Plan open house presentation (874.5 KB) RCIP Public Input Summary - Final (2.31 MB) for the two-year planning process was summarized. The County Board approved the plan on January 23, 2020.

RCIPP Final Documents:

RCIP Fact Sheet:

RCIP Project Rankings:

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